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       "Owning a vacation home in Florida is your family dream.

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How we take care of your Vacation home!
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Initial Set-up

Once the purchase of your new vacation home is complete and the transaction closed and contract signed with us, then we will immediately organize the following:-

  • Arrange installation of new locks and keys.
  • Arrange all utilities and such to be connected to the property and/or register in your name including electric, water, gas (if applicable), telephone, cable TV, and internet.
  • Arrange for all required notices throughout the property to be neatly displayed in the appropriate places.
  • Prepare an Information Folder for the home, containing all relevant and useful information regarding the home and the area.
  • Arrange for a first major clean so that you home is in great condition for the first visitor.
  • We will obtain on your behalf from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations the hotel/motel license, which is required to rent your property.
  • We will obtain on your behalf a State and County tax ID number. This is required for collection of the sales tax and local tourist tax which is due on all short term rental properties.



All properties under our care will be inspected on a regular basis to ensure standards are maintained, making sure that any maintenance is taken care of quickly and efficiently in order to keep major repairs to a minimum.

  • We have a team of experienced and skilled maintenance personnel to perform day-to-day repairs and maintenance of the home.

  • If there is something our team can’t handle, we have a list of approved licensed contractors that we can call on quickly to provide repair or replacement.

  • Palm Tree Vacation Homes are authorized by the owner to carry out repairs or replacements up to maximum cost of $200

  • Any repair/replacement in excess of $200 will be notified to the owner prior to any action being taken. The only exceptions to this would be (a) in the case of an emergency or (b) the work needed to be carried out quickly in order to fulfill obligations to the guests.

  • In exceptional circumstances it may prove necessary to move a guest to another property if the nature of the required work inhibits continuing occupation.


On departure of each guest, our cleaning staff will go in, inspect and then thoroughly clean the home so that it’s always in excellent condition for the next guest’s arrival.

  • All linens will be washed, trash removed, carpets vacuumed, each bathroom and kitchen thoroughly cleaned and contents and services checked.
  • On completion, the cleaning staff will perform a security walk-through to check all doors and windows are locked.
  • Our cleaning staff will check, as far as possible, for damage or broken/missing items. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that minor damage and wear and tear is inherent with a rental property.
  • Once clean, the property is then inspected ensuring that standards are maintained for each and every guest.


Pool Service

Your pool will receive a regular weekly maintenance service which includes cleaning and maintaining the chemical balance.

  • We don’t fix the schedule to a certain day because of the Florida weather tends to interrupt the schedule. The pool will however, be maintained at the latest every 6-9 days.
  • The decking, patio furniture and screens will be inspected on a weekly basis and cleaned as required.
  • Two or Three times a year as necessary the decking and screen enclosure will need to be pressure washed to maintain appearance. This will be subject to a small charge.



Pest Control

Florida law requires short term rental properties to have a regular pest control service performed inside and outside.

  • This preventative service will treat the inside and outside once a month and is meant to safeguard against unwanted bugs inside the home. However, this is Florida and no preventative pest control is infallible.

  • This preventative service also includes the occasional emergency call-out if necessary.


Accounting & Administration 

Over the years that Palm Tree Vacation Homes has managed vacation homes, we have taken pride in its strong accounting and administration operation.

  • Each month we will pay the utility bills for all our owners. Our accounting staff makes sure your home is always up-to-date.

  • Owners are sent a detailed monthly statement. Our simple, clear and accurate statements show all income and expenditure.

  • Any figure exceeding the required $1,000 Operating Fund will be paid directly into your account or check sent to you.

  • If, on occasion, the final balance is below the Operating Fund, then owners are required to make prompt payment to make up the shortfall.

  • We will also assist with sales tax returns. By law, sales tax is payable on all bookings. The monthly statement will show and deductions made from income to pay any dues. Owners must also supply us with amounts of any owner-generated income.

  • During the month of January, we will produce a Form-1099 (for US residents) or a Form-1042 (for foreign nationals). It is advised to provide your accountant with these in order to file your taxes.

  • We DO NOT file your Federal Tax Return. We strongly advise every owner to consult with a local accountant regarding your Tax Return. We can recommend an accountant if needed.


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