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Vacation Home Operating Costs

Most sources recognize that the cost of maintenance, replacement, repair and operation of a home is around 3% of the cost of the home annually. Well Vacation homes are much the same. Costs that owners should consider are provided.


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Management Fees
Management fees from Palm Tree Vacation Homes cover the cost of administration of the account, preparation of the monthly statements, payment of utility bills, and covers some operational costs. This will be the smallest cost you will incur.

Maintenance Fees
Maintenance fees are typically charged monthly and included pool service, pest control , lawn care (if needed) and cleaning fees.

Repairs & Replacements
Some appliances break down and general wear and tear items become unusable, no matter how good our preventative measures and maintenance is. If you budget an amount each year out of your rental income to cover the cost of such items, you should be covered without the need for expensive warranties.

Utility Costs
The second largest operating cost of your vacation rental property would be your utilities. Electric, water, gas, cable, internet and phone amount to a large chunk of your expenditure.

Mortgage and Insurance
Unless you paid cash for your vacation home, the mortgage will be your biggest out-going.

The third largest and often most forgotten expenditure will be your Homeowners Association Dues, which can be somewhat high in the resort communities.

Property Taxes
Again they can't be avoided, but they can be budgeted for. They come in close as the fourth major yearly expense.

These are different to the repairs & replacements mentioned above. This expense should be budgeted for when you want to upgrade (which you will need to do) for such things as new TV's, Replacing carpet/tile and beds.


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